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  1. Purchase of Note satisfies lender (June 2009). Borrower defaulted on note and the private lender wanted out. Al Needham created an assignment of deed of trust in which the lender was paid off without the expense and uncertain consequences of foreclosure.
  2. Sale ends reverse mortgage (Nov 2010). Homeowner wanted to relocate but had a reverse mortgage. He was concerned about his mortgage obligations and was not interested in hiring a realtor to list the home for sale. The real estate market had collapsed, so the mortgage exceeded the value of the home and the homeowner was concerned about the deficiency. Al Needham created a short sale to pay off the mortgage and end all concerns and obligations of homeowner.
  3. Realtors keep licenses (Jan 2011). The Attorney General, on behalf of NRED, filed complaints against Realtors for not protecting the public from fraud and for gross negligence. Evan Needham raised several defenses to convince the AG that the Realtors were not liable and the AG dropped the charges. NRED v. Truett, case# S09-11-04-152; NRED v. Murphey, case# S09-11-05-153.
  4. Judgment on Counterclaim (Nov 2011). Plaintiff sued for fraud over the sale of a home and related nursing business. The real estate market had collapsed, so plaintiff defaulted on the mortgage and stopped paying for the business. Al Needham filed a Counterclaim for breach of contract and abuse of process. At trial, the court entered a money judgment on the Counterclaim. Galanga vs. Grubbs, District Court, Clark County, Nevada.
  5. Judgment creditor gets paid in bankruptcy (Feb 2013). After judgment was entered against defendant, the defendant filed for bankruptcy. Al Needham filed an Adversary Complaint and obtained payment in settlement. Grubbs vs. Galanga, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada.
  6. Housing Discrimination case dismissed (April 2014). HUD charged a landlord with racial discrimination in violation of the Fair Housing Act and demanded payment. On behalf of landlord, Evan Needham proved that no racism existed but personality conflict. HUD dropped the charges. Mouton vs. Pebble Creek Village HOA (HUD case#091406678).
  7. Quiet Title based on forgery (June 2014). Homeowner's signature was forged on deeds to her real property that was sold. Evan Needham filed a Complaint to quiet title against the buyers. In the first case, the buyer's attorney filed a Motion to Dismiss based on bona fide purchaser status. Evan Needham argued that forgery renders the deed void ab initio to defeat the BFP argument and Motion. The parties then agreed to settle wherein payment was made to plaintiff based on the value of the home. This outcome led to the settlement on the second property that was deeded back to plaintiff. Wallace vs. Lexi Holdings, District Court, Clark County, Nevada.
  8. Specific performance case dismissed (April 2015). Buyer sued seller after seller refused to close. The buyer's attorney filed a Motion for Summary Judgment. On behalf of seller, Evan Needham argued that the home was not unique and that the buyer breached parts of the contract. The court denied the Motion and the seller kept her home. Thompson vs. Beasley, District Court, Clark County, Nevada.
  9. HOA Lien eliminated and foreclosure canceled (May 2015). Homeowner defaulted on HOA dues. A collection agency recorded a lien then a Notice of Default that threatened a foreclosure sale unless it received payment on unpaid dues, interest and collection costs, and then recorded a Notice of Sale. Al Needham spotted a defect in the lien process set in NRS 116 and convinced the collection agency to waive collection costs, release the lien and cancel the sale.
  10. Dismissal of case against apartment complex (Oct 2015). Plaintiff sued apartment complex over loss of personal property after being kicked out by her boyfriend. Al Needham filed a Motion to Dismiss based on lack of landlord-tenant relationship and plaintiff's previous Judgment against her boyfriend for the same loss. The court granted the Motion. Williams vs. City Center Apartments, Las Vegas Justice Court. 
  11. Judgment eliminated based on defect (Feb 2016). Plaintiff filed an Affidavit for Renewal of Judgment and garnished client's bank. Al Needham spotted a defect in the renewal process and convinced plaintiff to stop collection and file a Satisfaction of Judgment. Asset Acceptance vs. Rivera, District Court, Clark County, Nevada. 
  12. Dismissal for lack of prosecution (March 2016). Plaintiff sued but failed to pursue case. Al Needham filed a Motion to Dismiss the case for breach of disclosure deadlines in NRCP 16.1 and the court granted the Motion. Salander Enterprises v. Mischel, District Court, Clark County, Nevada.

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